Life can be unpredictable and often things are put in our paths that have an impact on our psychological and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes these issues can take their toll and cause us pain and suffering, partly due to pushing them to the back of our minds, bottling up or just trying to ignore them in the hope they may just go away. Quite often we try to maintain a brave face and show the world that we can cope, but the reality is, when we ignore difficult experiences, feelings and thoughts they are trapped inside. They never really disappear, they stay just in the background within ourselves, continuing to have an impact on our view of self, our relationships, our perception of the world and others.  

You may have experienced an issue that is on your mind, or a difficulty has been triggered by a life event or a traumatic experience, such difficulties can affect your life and your relationships particularly when they haven't been processed. Left unexplored and unexpressed difficult life experiences, feelings and emotions impact our mental and physical health which further leads us to build and depend on unhealthy coping mechanisms.  

A healthy alternative is to look after your emotional and psychological wellbeing by seeking therapy. Talking with a therapist can provide the opportunity to process and work through those difficulties and explore why they might be happening. Therapy also provides an opportunity to gain insight and awareness of yourself that you may not be aware of. With added insight things become clearer, you feel less stuck and your choices for coping and responding become broader and healthier.  

 I really do believe that you have the strength to not just survive, but to truly thrive.