With clinical supervision being an extremely important element to the counselling profession for all professionals , from trainees to the more advanced counsellor/psychotherapist. 

 My supervision philosophy and belief to a successful supervision practice is anchored within the Integrative approach by being able to utilise and combine the following essential theories; Person-centred, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural and Mindfullness. 

Embracing and combining all of these theories, I believe aids the supervisee to experience a greater supervisory experience. 

Working integratively primarily allows flexibility within my approach to supervision, further allowing myself to be open to working with a wide range of counselling practitioners, sharing knowledge and experience. 

Adopting an integrative approach enables the formation and building of a healthy learning environment within the supervisory relationship, something that is essential to any therapeutic relationship and this is a requirement that needs to be emulated from the Counselling relationship to the supervisory relationship. 

At its simplest form supervision is defined by the overseeing of another individual, This is the same premise within the counselling profession. It is mandatory to maintaining a healthy and ethical practice adhering to requirements of many professional governing body's, namely the BACP. Supervision remains an extremely important component and the opportunity for focus and growth personally and professionally.


Having had the opportunity to conduct individual and group supervision within varied settings and with a wide range of counselling practitioners from trainees to experienced. 

I provide supervision to counselling organisations, newly qualifying and qualified counsellors working with adults and young people, with a range of presenting issues. 

If you require further information in regards to supervision and fee's please email or complete a contact form.