Clarity Consultancy are happy to provide a range of counselling services within the areas of and surrounding Chelmsford, Essex. With the implementation of Online Counselling services and support we are now able to provide services further a field within the UK making counselling more accessible for all.
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Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Individual counselling sessions are arranged weekly for the duration of 50 Minutes at either of our locations. Individual sessions aim to provide you with a safe environment to focus on building a healthy, open and authentic therapeutic relationship the foundations required for you to be able to speak freely about your presenting issues or concerns.

£60 - Standard individual therapy for 50 minute session.

Reduced rates are available for students. 

Young person & Adolescent Counselling

Many young people are struggling with how they feel, just as adults often find asking for help in relation to their mental health difficult, imagine how daunting this maybe for a young person. 

Whether they are having problems with friends, family or school, are presenting symptoms of anxiety or depression or displaying signs of anger or fear. They may need to talk about how they feel with someone, but find it difficult to talk to someone they know.

Counselling can provide a space to help talk things through, offering support without judgement in confidence. Different methods maybe used to that of adult counselling as there are other issues to consider, namely safeguarding issues. Furthermore, the aim of counselling remains the same to help the individual to cope better with their feelings and aid the development of tools to manage on their own. 

Sessions can be provided in person or via Skype/Zoom. 


£60 for counselling 50 minute session. 

£60 for Skype counselling 50 minute session.


Couples/Relationship Counselling

All relationships have ups and downs, sometimes things can get difficult and it can become hard to find a solution. Whether you are feeling things just aren’t quite right or your experiencing serious difficulties counselling can provide you with time and a safe space for you both to explore authentically and support you towards a positive outcome.  

Sessions are arranged weekly for the couple, offered with difference in duration either 50 or 90 minute sessions. 


60 minute session £95 

Online Counselling Services & Support

You can now access counselling services through your computer via Skype or email. There is many research evidence supporting the effectiveness of online counselling, this method of counselling has eradicated some of the limitations many encounter when seeking counselling. Online counselling enables individuals to connect with specialists regardless of location and enables individuals to remain in the comfort of their own surroundings.

so whether you live miles away, find it difficult to leave the house or are restricted by time online therapy may well be for you.



£60 - Standard Individual Counselling session 50 Minutes Via Skype

Prices for online support via email will need to be discussed in relation to individual needs. 

For more information around online counselling or online support please get in touch following the link below.

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