Many presume that we can only become addicted to substances that exert a physical effect on the body, such as alcohol and drugs. But many activities can become addictions; gambling, shopping and sex to name a few. 

When your engaging in activities that make you feel happy, your brain releases feel good chemicals that encourage you to repeat that behaviour, because it provides such an enjoyable high.  

However, if seeking out the high has developed into a compulsive and uncontrollable desire to engage with the activity, in spite of the increasing negative and harmful consequences it may be having on you and your life, then you are dealing with addiction.  

No matter the addiction, all take a toll on your Physical, Emotional and Psychological wellbeing.  

Your day to day functioning or health can become affected, your time becomes compromised, and you may notice a deterioration in your relationships. These all can lead to further emotional and psychological effects resulting in symptoms such as; Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Insomnia/Sleep disturbances and Obsessive-Compulsive traits, to name a few.  

In honesty, Addiction recovery takes time, patience and support and does not happen overnight. 

Treatment for addiction is varied and individual; engaging in therapy for addiction can help you identify and examine the underlying causes that precipitated the vicious cycle. By having a safe and authentic space to explore and identify triggers, fears, desires and any issues. Enables you to gain insight and awareness of self, promoting the identification and development of different tools and techniques to manage, cope and maintain healthier ways of living.  

The First step towards getting anywhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are...

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