Hey I’m Billie, The founder of Clarity Counselling & Consultancy.  

Here’s some things about me I thought you may like to know. 

My Approach to Therapy... 

Firstly, The Relationship with your therapist is critical. 

Therapy is about creating a safe and trusting environment in which you are able to express yourself as freely and openly as possible, where your pain and happiness are both welcome. By being offered a space to be authentic and vulnerable you can truly begin to heal, when we feel truly seen and validated.   

Therapy can be Transformational, and that’s what I am here for, the opportunity for you to bring the messy, unfiltered and stuck parts of you. The parts you have hidden from those around you, in therapy you can take that mask off. We often carry with us our past fears and wounds, as well as our painful experiences. This can leave us feeling stuck and left living with many emotions and feelings that are overwhelming and often destructive. By exploring you and all of you, you gain an insight and awareness of yourself, your patterns of living, your ways of coping and managing that may not be working or alternatively are destructive to you. Therapy can provide information, alternative tools, choices and clarity. Therapy can be empowering and life changing and the reason for that is that you get to be, You.  

As an Integrative Psychotherapist I am able to utilise and combine different theories and interventions, there is many benefits to this approach, but the most important to know now is that working Integratively enables me to provide the very best therapy for You, a completely individual approach, for you.  

My Experience... 

Throughout the accumulation of my experience since my initial graduation and before, I have had the opportunity to work with young people and adults both in the public and private sectors. Working within these sectors I have worked with many individuals with different presenting issues and challenges that they had faced or was being faced with.  

I have worked with people individually and in group settings, facilitating both structured and unstructured group therapy.  

I have been provided with great opportunities to write and implement a number of programmes for local charitable organisations within Essex. These include; Building Self-Esteem, Stress & Anxiety, Relationships & Intimacy and lastly a 12 Week Relapse Prevention Programme for substance misuse.  

I have a natural want to learn and understand people, the mind and life which has led me to seek and complete many courses for both personal and professional knowledge and development. One of the courses I have achieved is a Diploma in Supervision, which has led me to broaden my practice to working with Trainees and qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists. This was pivotal in sparking an interest in the development and training in the Counselling field, to which I embarked on the journey of lecturing. Lecturing on a variety of courses across different levels. These included courses such as; Basic Counselling Skills to the BA Honours at a local College of Further and Higher Education in Partnership with the Open University.  

Currently, I practice within Chelmsford, Essex and also have broadened the services I offer to online making therapy more accessible for all, regardless of location.


My Qualifications...  

I am always embarking on continued professional development for many reasons, but here are the main core qualifications I hold, if you want to know more or my most recent, please get in touch.


  • DipHE Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

  • Bsc Hons Integrative Psychotherapy  

  • DipHE Supervision for Individuals & Groups  

  • Dip Addiction Counselling

I am a Member of The British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy and adhere to their Code of Ethics.  

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